Personal Astrological Consultations, in Person Or By Phone

Why Astrology, My Story

Astrology is a deeply perceptive and intelligent language that is able to clarify, inspire and affirm our complex inner natures as well as our life paths. It is one of the most unique and remarkable tools of growth that we can ever use. When we listen to it's wise planetary voices we liberate ourselves and embrace and honor the ever evolving expression of who we really are.

It was during my younger years as a midwife that I first experienced the profound guidance that astrology can provide. During that time, my ten-year relationship ended, and I found myself a single mother of two young boys. I was both struggling financially and devastated by the loss of the relationship and my ideal of what a family “should be”. 

I realized I needed guidance. Already aware of astrology and its benefits, I sought an astrological counselor who enabled me to calm my anxieties and clarify my direction. With her continued help, I gained profound insight into my strengths and challenges, my life’s purpose, and how to achieve it.

Astrology continues to be a valuable tool that helps me navigate the currents of my own life.  For 35 years I have used astrology to guide and support thousands of clients and I am ever blessed by the awareness and growth that they experience. I work with many individuals who successfully navigate challenging and difficult transitions, young adults who gain profound insight into themselves and chose fulfilling life paths, couples who deepen their understanding, respect and intimacy with one-another and parents who develop a deeper insight into their children’s unique nature and are then able to relate in more supportive and loving ways. 

I am ever amazed and awed by how positively life changing astrology can 



Astro Coaching

This is the most unique coaching program you will experience. Because astro-coaching uses your birth chart, I am able to create the most beneficial and individualized program to meet your needs!


Astrology Consultations

Astrology readings for individuals, families,  couples, parents, young adults,  families & co-workers.


Therapeutic Follow -Up

A variety of therapeutic approaches will be used along with your chart for even greater understanding and healing.