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Are these too common refrains

  • I’m lost, I feel no sense of purpose
  • I’m feeling confused and uncertain
  • I’m stuck, I don’t know if this career or relationship is right for me
  • Everything is changing, what should I do?

Coaching with astrology I will support & guide you to:

  • Clarify, embrace & express your innate essence
  • Understand and work with your strengths and challenges
  • Discover and explore various life paths
  • Journey into the realm of relationships with your partner, family &  co-workers
  • Look at factors affecting your health and wellness
  • Recognize, work with and begin to transform unhealthy patterns
  • Enhance your awareness of self in everyday life
  • Offer effective tools to make healthy changes

The 3 Month Program includes ( option for 6 months )  

  • ​1 hour warm–up initial session – through inquiry and exploration we begin to chart your course
  • 2 hour recorded MP3 Astrology session in person, skype or phone 
  • Current planetary influences, transits & progressions Location astrology
  • Six 1 hour phone consultations
  • Weekly e-mails
  • Weekly reflective exercises relevant for your growth
  • Brief check in calls
  • Celebration session

Why this Works!

Astro-Coaching allows me to use your chart to recognize Your Unique Life Purpose. With this remarkable tool, I can create the most beneficial and individualized coaching program for You! Find Out more

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