Veronica Vida welcomes & guides you on a journey of self-discovery

Veronica Vida, Astrologer, MA  Counseling Psychology Expressive Art Therapist

Through my passion and practice of astrology for over 35 years, enhanced by my MA in Counseling Psychology & Expressive Art Therapy., I am able to go beyond therapy and offer you profound & unique insight into yourself and your life purpose. My integrative approach is based on years of personal experience, exploration and extensive work with individuals, couples and children in a variety of settings.

As a former midwife & teacher I continue to transform my earlier role as I guide and support others in their own internal process of birth, growth and healing.

My work integrates transformative psychology, self inquiry, indigenous wisdom, mindfulness, expressive arts and ceremony with astrology. I embrace all life experiences as a doorway to our innate nature as I aspire to guide, encourage & affirm others with depth, sensitivity and compassion.

My dedication is to expanding awareness and enhancing personal and therefore planetary healing.  As we transform and evolve we are able to enjoy genuine kinship with all creation and become agents of positive change in the world!

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