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I feel deeply blessed to have Veronica Vida in my life! She has been a powerful counselor & guide for the past 16 years. I have been able to call on Veronica for incredibly practical and profound wisdom in regards to relationships, family, parenting, artistry and career choice. Her compassionate advice and guidance has helped me through both intensely challenging times as well as uplifting moments that were pregnant with possibility. When faced with life changing decisions, Veronica has provided me with new tools for growth and a fresh perspective on my life path. Veronica’s approach is deeply humble, incredibly warm, practical and intuitive. If you are considering doing a reading with her, don’t hesitate, go for it! It will help you to see the magic in your own life.

Breanna Rogers

Dance teacher, artist & performer Skyview School

"It has been an absolute delight both knowing and working with Veronica Vida. She has been reading my chart, as well as the charts of my two children, for over 9 years. Her ability to consistently deliver information with such accuracy and depth continues to astound me. In addition to her well developed intuition, she offers parents valuable guidance and strategies on how to work successfully with the gifts we all possess." - Jenny Huq

Jenny Huq | Director | APPLES Service-Learning Program | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

As a person who believes that we can learn a lot about ourselves through astrology I make it a point to work with Veronica regularly. Her readings give me the confidence to pursue the goals I have set for myself and allow me to believe that I can accomplish them.  Veronica has a gift for taking all the pieces that make up a person's chart and integrate them into a cohesive whole.  She's able to apply her insights to the issues and concerns that are affecting me at the time of my readings.  I have known Veronica for almost a decade and plan to keep her close as I continue my life's journey.

Nancy Peham, Plano TX  

Helping Hands Personal Services

Veronica's readings are uncannily accurate, coming from her extensive knowledge, experience, compassion and intuition. She has helped me to understand myself and have more confidence and trust in who & where I am. Veronica's incredible intuition paired with deep wisdom and knowledge has helped me find the tools to creatively make healthy choices regarding relationship and career. She is a life source for all who come in contact with her.

Cerridwen Mendoza

Montessori Teacher